Queenford Sheepskins

A white lambskin rug

A creamy white pedigree Cotswold lambskin

For the last two years we have been salting our very best lambskins here on the farm and sending them to the only certified organic tannery in the country. Here they are 'tanned' using a vegetable based process. Each one is hand finished and the results are spectacular. Lambskins with long, soft wool and lustrous crimp make sumptuous bedside rugs.

And if your rug becomes a little grubby, choose a fine windy day, just pop it in the washing machine on a cool wash, add a little gentle washing powder, and leave it to its fate. Once the washing cycle has ended give it a good shake, and hang it over the washing line with the skin side in until its dry. A good shake or brush will soon have it looking as good as new.

A brown lambskin rug

A soft brown Jawold lambskin

We only treat a small number of skins each year. Each one is different and uniquely beautiful. Please contact us for details of what we have in stock. The price varies for each rug and will depend on its size, colour and quality of wool.

Brown or white Jawold rugs start from 65.00 + VAT

Pedigree Cotswold rugs start from 85 + VAT

Lamb and Mutton

Following slaughter, we ensure our lamb hangs for at least a week so that it is tender with a mature rounded flavour. We then have it cut by an expert butcher, and bagged, so that it is ready for the freezer. We only have a limited number of lambs each autumn so if you are interested in putting your name down for one, please contact me for details and prices.

We do also occasionally have mutton (a sheep that is more than 2 years old) and hogget (a sheep that is more than a year old). Both need slower cooking, but have a fuller and rounder flavour than lamb; they are equally delicious in their own way.